4 April 2022

Towel washing: our tips

Towel washing: our advice

Towel washing is an art that everyone needs to master in order to enjoy soft towels, whether it is a beach towel or a bath towel. Machine-washing towels requires certain precautions to be taken so that they do not become rough or lose their beautiful colours over time. We therefore suggest that you explore all our tips on towel washing.

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What you need to know for your first towel wash

When buying bath towels and hand towels, there are some precautions to be taken. Although bath linen may look sturdy, it can become less colourful and less soft with each wash, which is why it is important to take the right precautions when buying it. 

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Immediately after buying bath towels, it is recommended to soak these bath or beach towels for at least 12 hours in a tub of cold water without detergent. These tips and tricks are necessary to help these towels get rid of the products they are soaked in. Conversely, if you wash your towels immediately after purchase, this will cause the products to stick to them and they will already lose some of their absorbency.

Then wash your bath or beach towel in warm water and you can even add a little white vinegar to fix the colours.

Washing a towel successfully

In order to successfully wash your beach, bath and hand towels in the washing machine, there are a few tips that you should know. In most cases, only half the recommended amount of detergent will be needed and fabric softener should not be used for towel washing. Indeed, fabric softener or even detergent can have the effect of weighing down the fibres, making them less soft and fluffy. Less detergent also makes machine washing more economical! Wash your bath and hand towels with a little white vinegar about once a month to kill bacteria and make the fibres softer.

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As far as temperature is concerned, it is recommended to wash your towels between 40° and 60°C, not more. So make sure you keep to the correct water temperature so that our tips work as they should – your laundry will thank you! For spinning, we recommend towel washing at 1200 rpm and not at too high a temperature. If you want to wash all your towels in one go, think of using the laundrette!

Finish with the drying stage

The towel washing process ends with the laundry drying stage. Generally, air-drying is preferred, but drying in a tumble dryer is also possible from time to time, especially in wet weather. The tumble dryer is a fantastic time saver and will also help keep the towels softer. The only rule that must be followed is to dry your towels immediately after washing to avoid the development of mould and bad odours. Moreover, if the towel is stained or has unpleasant odour, white vinegar is once again the most suitable product for effective, odour-free cleaning.

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Now you know everything you need to know about caring for your towels properly and keeping them soft and colourful! If you pay attention to this, you can be sure that your towels will last as long as possible!